Artists: Binny & Tunni
Song: "Shabbos Angels" (single)
(see lyrics below)
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Released in support of The Shabbos Project 2014 #keepingittogether
Melbourne Australia
Composed and performed by: Binny and Tunni Fogelgarn
Produced by: Rabbi Binny Fogelgarn
Co-produced by: Yumi & Dvori Rosenbaum
Director of Photography & Gaffer: George Mavroyeni, ABC Video Productions Melbourne
Editing and Titles: Benny Goldman, AbbaDo Studios
Lyrics: Binny Fogelgarn
Vocals: Binny and Tunni Fogelgarn
Music by: Red Kippa Band
Guitar: Tunni Fogelgarn
Electric Guitar: Tom Lawrence
Bass: Doug 'Chairman’ McDowell
Drums: Liam Bloomfield
Saxophone: Andrej Thompson
Violin: Alex Burkoy
Mixed and mastered by Angus Parish at DAM Studio Melbourne
Challahs Baked by Dvori Rosenbaum
Thanks to Mark and Vivian Perch for the Sukkah Jam
Special Thanks to: Ruvi & Zehava Herzog for their warm hospitality (and Chicken Soup!) 
Simcha Klagsbrun
Rabbi M. Szmerling
Rabbi Aryeh Goldman
Yisroel Shimon Goldman
Gavriel Pacanowski
Dovy Hurwitz
Daniel and Biana Island
Yossel Cylich
Guy Shabbat
Roi Asheroff 
Eitan Agur
Oliver Greenberg
Esther Oyberman
Talia Goldberger
Chani Fogelgarn
Aryeh Herzog
Rachelli Herzog
Mikayla Herzog
Izzy Herzog
Elimelech Fogelgarn
Michal Fogelgarn
Yumi Rosenbaum
Dvori Rosenbaum
Moshe Rosenbaum
Yakov Rosenbaum
Ari Rosenbaum
Dassi Rosenbaum
Ella Rosenbaum
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Lyrics - Shabbos Angels:
Yes it is a big deal
Every  Friday night is a big meal
There's always lots of guests
They're all dressed in their best
Zemiros sung with zest
And everyone is blessed
By the shabbos shabbos angels...
By the By the shabbos shabbos angels
Ovens on
Music playing 
Nothings wrong
Clean it well
Challah smell
Oh I love preparing for my...
Shabbos clocks
Shabbos socks
White tablecloths
Keys for locks
And tissue box
Oh I love preparing for my shabbos
Oh I love preparing for my...
Showers hot
Mikvahs not
Chicken soup 
On blech in pot
Kiddush cups 
Lchaim shnapps
Oh I love preparing for my...
Flowers green
House is clean
Table set
How serene
Mishpacha my magazine
Oh I love preparing for my shabbos
Oh I love preparing for my...
Kugel rice
Cake smells nice
Crockpot Cholent 
Taste a bite 
Shabbos lamp
Gotta tape the lights
Oh I love preparing for my...
Shabbos clothes
Hats and bows 
Stop! There goes 
Your weekday woes
Oh I love preparing for my shabbos
Oh I love preparing for my...
Good Shabbos now...